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501C3 Non Profit Dog & Puppy Rescue in Orange County, California

A dog is a dog ! no matter what color , breed , size , if it is lame or blind. A dog is a dog. An animal that will be at your side to its end and give you as much love in return without asking anything in return and our Bea was and is no exception! She was delivered to us by a good friend of Jacqueline’s , Cindy who drove her all the way from Capistrano CA to Seattle WA where we picked her up and took her home and she is happy now.

About Doggie Bones from our perspective – One of the best and most trusting Dog rescues we have encountered with the best cared and treated dogs I have read about.
Why? because, where all the other rescues we went to and encountered we were turned down due to our 4 year old son being too young to be around a dog.
But Doggie Bones provided us with the options of the best dogs they had in their care and that are absolutely fine with children. Eventually with all the best we chose Bea because of a blessed heart an good nature, and we picked a diamond out of diamonds! Thank you Doggie Bones, thank you for the great work you do and being the BEST!

The Ferro Family Aldergrove BC

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