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Hi, I'm Molly!

I Found My Forever Home!

AGE: Adult (3 to 7 years)
SEX: Female
BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier
HEALTH: Healthy, Vaccinated, Micro-chipped, Spayed
GOOD WITH: All Children, Other Dogs

Meet Molly!

Molly is a beautiful, 5-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier. She is healthy, microchipped, spayed, and current on all of her vaccinations.

Her foster family describes her as a playful, unique, beautiful, protective, mature, loyal, trustworthy, kind, and loving family dog. She will always be by your side and will do anything to make you happy while also ensuring you and your loved ones are safe.  Molly is well behaved inside the house and doesn’t chew on furniture, doesn’t go through the trash, doesn’t bark when you are not home, and has no problem taking a bath once in a while.

Molly loves children!!
She acknowledges the tiny little humans when they are around and is very gentle and extremely patient with them. She has been around a 2-year-old, that liked to hug her, pull on her ears, tail, and play with her face. Molly would not growl at the toddler but would simply get up, and move to a different spot every time she needed some space.

She loves to play and has to have several chew toys that are durable, squeaky, or have a rope attached to them for her entertainment when you are not around. Even though the toys may not last 3 days, she enjoys them. Molly loves to play but understands that one may not have time to play all day and is chill with just hanging out with her family.
She understands playful fighting, but if someone raises their voice she dislikes it and will growl to get your attention. Molly is NOT an aggressive dog and has NEVER shown any signs of aggression, she simply wants everyone to be safe. Molly gets a bit wary when strangers come to her house and will keep an eye on the person to make sure they are up to no trouble.  When walking outside and strangers walk up to her family to say hi, she will become cautious of the new person. She is just super protective of her family. It does seem that Molly has a softer side for women and children and is most concerned about male figures coming into her home.

Molly is also completely potty trained and when out for walks, she does get curious when she sees other dogs but will not bark at them, even if they continuously bark at her. She tends to be more concerned about larger dogs rather than smaller ones, but again she is just ensuring her family’s safety.

Molly is the perfect dog, and anyone would be happy to have her. She is the type of dog that can sleep all day if you feel like resting but is also the type of dog that can be outside playing, running, and walking if you feel like doing so. Overall, she is a very mellow dog.

If you’d like to meet Molly, ​please submit a completed adoption application found under the forms tab so that we can schedule a meet and greet. She is also on all of our social media pages IG: @Doggie_Bonez_Inc_ and Facebook: Doggie Bonez.​

If adoption isn’t an option, please consider fostering one of our pups. We are a volunteer run, non-profit dog rescue and always welcome new, short and/or long term doggie foster families. We greatly appreciate the help and time of our fosters. You provide all the love, comfort and safety of a home and we supply you with everything else you may need, dog food, dog bed, toys, medical attention (if needed) etc. If you are interested please complete the Foster Application.

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