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Crystal Lawson

Hi I left a message on adopt.com I am very interested in Zeus I need a playmate for my 2 year old Denali and I have 2 other huskies 4 years Juneau and 10 years Sitka ( blind) all boys and very friendly. I have a fenced in back yard and understand how to care for this breed. I am having trouble with the photo seeing his coat color. I just lost my 11 year old Kodi that was red and white and have a soft spot for this color combo but it’s not the most important. Health is, soI wanted to know if he has any health problems or medical conditions. Thank you I promise I would be a great mommy to him and he would love my puppy Denali.


Total BS the way you choose to do this. You’re a company with 0 experience with this breed and making terrible calls on placement of dogs. This NPO is a complete scam. Only cares about what gets them the most money