Let us present to you Mia, our latest addition to Doggie Bonez.

Let’s roll back time to three years ago. Mia was found late one night, sitting by herself in a park in Anaheim, California. She did not have tags nor was she chipped. She was approachable and sweet and it appeared as though she was waiting for her humans. After a week of searching for her owners, no one came forward for Mia. She was brought home and for the next two years, she was shuffled from foster to foster and home to home. The family had her trained by celebrity trainers to make sure that she could fit into any home. She had a full year of training.
Though Mia was kept out of the shelters, her foster family experience was left to be desired as she was isolated and neglected. She was kept in a crate for hours a day with no human or dog contact. Mia has proven herself as a warrior princess. She has defied the odds and is still alive, a true survivor. Though she has been tossed around from place to place without any sense of home, she still desires and craves attention and is just a fantastic dog.
Fast Forward to today, Mia is now with us. Upon first glance, Mia is 10-15 pounds overweight due to her long hours spent in the crate without any exercise. She did eat well apparently but her diet was not balanced. She has cropped ears, a beautiful blue coat, and dark brown eyes. We have given her a thorough vet exam and is as healthy as an ox, or as a Blue Nose Staffie in her case.
Mia is a wonderful dog, she is smart, curious, beautiful, affectionate, playful and engaging. She loves to go for car rides, she is housebroken, crate trained and loves to toss her toys around. After just one day with us at Doggie Bonez, she greets the staff and volunteers with a wagging tail and wet kisses.
Mia will do well with an active individual or family. She has been around other dogs including German Shepherds. We always ask for a slow introduction just to not overwhelm either dog. We have all fallen in love with this girl. She is a special dog and will make her new family very happy and complete.

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