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Hi, I'm Rocco!

I'm looking for my Forever Home!

AGE: Senior (7 years and up)
SEX: Male
BREED: American Pitt Bull Terrier
HEALTH: Healthy (aside from food allergies), Vaccinated, Neutered, Not Microchipped
GOOD WITH: All Children, Other Dogs, Cats

Rocco is an 11-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier that needs to be re-homed due to the new housing situation of his current owner. Let’s pull together and get this guy seen so he can live out the rest of his life in a new home.

This is what Rocco’s owner wrote about him:
Rocco was raised in the house for the first two years until I was told he couldn’t stay by management. At that time I was forced to put him into an adoption facility in the City of Industries, Ca. It was there that he was trained. After approximately a year, I was able to move into a house where Rocco was outside in his kennel and dog house. He lived in that capacity for the next 7 years. We then moved to Fullerton and Rocco was again inside our apartment. He had one or two accidents in the house until he was punished, which quickly resulted in his obedience, rectifying any further accidents. Living both inside and outside he has proved to handle either. The only time we experience problems was during the 4th of July when we quickly learned to lock him in his large kennel. Rocco loves to play catch with balls. I use to take him to the baseball field and throw balls and he would chase them down, lol. He’s great with people once you introduce him. He’s very protective of the family so any threat or what appears to be a threat he’ll bark at the person. Once he sees a non-threatening engagement, he calms down. During walks, Rocco is trained to stay on your left side and should not pass you. He tends to want to stray but with one strong tug and command, he quickly falls back into sequence. Sometimes I let him mark territory, but I usually decide when he stops. He’s very obedient that my then 5-year-old son was able to walk Roccos 98.7 pounds. When inside he sleeps in his kennel but has a tendency to pull his pillows out and lay on the floor. He wasn’t allowed in the bathroom or my room and would not go in even when the door was open. He’ll sit at the door looking at me until I gave him permission to enter. Rocco is very loving, protective, and a big baby. He thinks he’s a lap dog, lol.

If you feel like you can give Rocco his happy retirement, please submit a completed adoption application found under the forms tab. This way, we can schedule a meet and greet. He can also be found on all of our social media pages IG: @Doggie_Bonez_Inc_ and Facebook: Doggie Bonez.

If adoption isn’t an option, please consider fostering one of our pups. We are a volunteer run, non-profit dog rescue and always welcome new, short and/or long term doggie foster families. We greatly appreciate the help and time of our fosters. You provide all the love, comfort and safety of a home and we supply you with everything else you may need, dog food, dog bed, toys, medical attention (if needed) etc. If you are interested please complete the Foster Application.

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