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Hi, I'm Milo!

I'm looking for my Forever Home!

AGE: Adult (3 to 7 years)
SEX: Male
BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier mix
HEALTH: Healthy, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Neutered
GOOD WITH: All Children, Other Dogs

Milo is a sweet three-year-old doggy that came in at around 46 pounds in the shelter. After consistent meals and lots of treats at his foster home, he may weigh a bit more than that. We believe that Milo is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix. This little guy will go at your pace. He is more than happy to lay on the sofa and take long naps but can also run really fast and loves to play with toys! Milo is beyond happy if he gets to spend one on one time with his human and those that he loves. Additionally, Milo is very treat responsive and knows his basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, and drop it. He also does very well with controlled play and we have practiced this because when he is very excited he jumps on all of the furniture! The controlled play has also helped Milo because not only is he having fun but is simultaneously working on his training as well.

As of now, Milo has only been in close contact with the other dog that we have. During their interactions, Milo is very friendly and only wants to play! When he’s outside, he gets a little anxious and is unsure about how to behave around other dogs. But with continuous training, his behavior will only get better. In these situations, Milo is very treat responsive and we are currently working on positive reinforcement. When meeting other dogs, Milo will need a proper introduction as this will help ease his anxiety and allow him to feel more comfortable around the dog he is meeting! The trainer that Milo works with has stated that he can live with other dogs but a proper introduction is crucial. He needs a buddy that will be there with him and play with him! Lastly, Milo is currently being crate trained and sleeps there at night! Also, when no one can supervise Milo, he does go into his crate. He does best in his crate when he has distractions such as frozen food, kong with peanut butter, or lots of treats! Milo is an awesome doggy and loves to be around his humans. He is looking for his forever home!

Like all of the dogs under the care of Doggie Bonez, Milo is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and has a microchip!

If you are interested in fun and playful Milo, please submit a completed adoption application found under the forms tab. This way, we can schedule a meet and greet. He can also be found on all of our social media pages IG: @Doggie_Bonez_Inc_ and Facebook: Doggie Bonez.

If adoption isn’t an option, please consider fostering one of our pups. We are a volunteer run, non-profit dog rescue and always welcome new, short and/or long term doggie foster families. We greatly appreciate the help and time of our fosters. You provide all the love, comfort and safety of a home and we supply you with everything else you may need, dog food, dog bed, toys, medical attention (if needed) etc. If you are interested please complete the Foster Application.

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