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Hi, I'm Denver!

I Found My Forever Home!

AGE: Young Adult (1 to 3 years)
SEX: Male
BREED: Bully mix (Boxer, Pitbull, Bulldog, maybe a little Lab)
HEALTH: Healthy, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Neutered
GOOD WITH: Older Children, Should be only pet
BETTER WITHOUT: Younger Children

Denver is here and, he is eager to introduce himself to you all!

I am a male bully mix, about 65 pounds, and I just had my first birthday at the beginning of September. I am neutered and fully vaccinated and I even got microchipped. I am very lovable and sweet. Sometimes I think I weigh 10 pounds since I like to sit in my foster mom’s lap and cuddle with her wherever she sits down on the couch. Oh and she gives the best belly rubs. I LOVE MY BELLY RUBS!

What can I tell you about my playtime? LOVE PLAYING FETCH? Just love it. You throw my Kong and guess what I will do next? Yes, that’s right. FETCH! And then, you can just chase me around the coffee table or around the yard when we are playing. Hey, I just want to make sure everybody gets a good workout at my house.
Chew toys, you say? Where? Show me the way already. But eventually, you know, all that playing, gets me ready for some much-needed naptime (I like them a lot).

My foster mom says that I am really smart and have so much potential. She also says my eyes are very sweet and love to make her happy. That’s why I like to be around her as much as possible. Sometimes I get a little anxious when she leaves me but I am dealing with that every day.

My previous owner was always busy and didn’t have time to socialize me and didn’t walk me very often. He also used my kennel for punishment which made me sad and scared sometimes. I loved the other dog in my house, but I got pretty possessive over toys and food and played too rough at times. I don’t like dogs I don’t know, so it would probably be best for me to be the only dog in the house. I also loved the kids in my house, but I get a little afraid of the unpredictably of children, especially ones I don’t know. It would probably be best to go to a home with kids older than 10 or none at all.

My foster mom has been teaching me how to walk on a leash, as well as working on basic obedience such as sit, down, off, stay, and touch. She also hired a trainer to work on my socialization issues and separation anxiety. Pretty soon I’ll be perfect! Now that I live in a calm household, I have no problem sleeping in my kennel.

I would love to meet you. Please understand I can be a little shy at first, but I will be your best friend and most loyal companion if you just give me a chance. If you submit a completed adoption application found under the forms tab, we can schedule a meet and greet. Guess what? You can look for me on all of Doggie Bone’z social media pages IG: @Doggie_Bonez_Inc_ and Facebook: Doggie Bonez.

If adoption isn’t an option, please consider fostering one of our pups. We are a volunteer run, non-profit dog rescue and always welcome new, short and/or long term doggie foster families. We greatly appreciate the help and time of our fosters. You provide all the love, comfort and safety of a home and we supply you with everything else you may need, dog food, dog bed, toys, medical attention (if needed) etc. If you are interested please complete the Foster Application.

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