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Hi, I'm Bella!

I'm looking for my Forever Home!

AGE: Adult (3 to 7 years)
SEX: Female
BREED: Chihuahua Mix
HEALTH: Healthy, Vaccinated, Spayed, Has Special Needs
GOOD WITH: All Children, Other Dogs

We’d like for you to meet Bella!

Hi! I’m Bella! I am a 10lb Chihuahua Mix, and my vet says I am about 6-7 years old. I have been with my present family for just over a year. Before that- they say I was roaming the streets of Garden Grove before I was rescued from a kill shelter by DoggieBonez Dog Rescue.

I have a great personality- I love walks, sunbathing, playing with my tennis balls, and lots and lots of cuddles! I get along with almost all dogs and animals and all humans. In fact- I love humans so much, I have what I am hearing is separation anxiety- so it’s best I find a home where I have at least one human around at all times. I get really nervous and stressed out if I am left by myself, even for a short time, but I will survive if my human needs to run a quick errand. I have a special house that my current humans have that will come along with me to my new home to keep me safe and secure.

I love going places with my human and do well in the car, at other houses, and even on restaurant patios while my humans have their food. I am house trained and always do my business where I am told. I always follow instructions and prefer to stay out of trouble. I also am very trainable! Every so often, I start to shake really bad for a few minutes- my humans say that these are seizures- and are fairly common. My doctor says that they are not harmful, and once they pass, I am right back to my playful, loving self. I would love to be someone’s forever companion and family fur baby!

Now, from my human, because she insisted on saying something-
Hi everyone- Bella is the sweetest, most amazing dog. In the year we have had her, she has been an absolutely joy. We are heartbroken that we have to rehome her. However, it is even more heartbreaking to see her so stressed out when we leave her to run errands or for a child’s soccer game. We try and take her wherever we go, but given that our family commitments will now have her home for longer periods of time by herself, we feel that this is in her best interest and the right thing for her long term.

When we first adopted her in March of 2020, we were not aware of her anxiety issue. Over the course of the last 14 months, we have tried everything- training, CBD, making sure our other Chihuahua Pup was around, dog sitter, and so much more- unfortunately, the anxiety level is still really high. She needs a human- any human around her, and she is the perfect fur baby. We hope to find a family/ companion that will be able to have someone around a majority of the time- perhaps an elderly person/ couple or a large family where there is always someone around. We are willing to keep her until she finds the right home- we love her and have bonded with her and want to make sure her next home meets her needs.

Bella is looking for a furever companion who will be around the majority of the time or take her with them when leaving. Are you the one for sweet Bella? Do you know someone looking for a friend to be around for lots of snuggles? If so, please submit a completed adoption application found under the forms tab so that we can schedule a meet and greet. She is also on all of our social media pages  IG: @Doggie_Bonez_Inc_ and Facebook: Doggie Bonez.


If adoption isn’t an option, please consider fostering one of our pups. We are a volunteer run, non-profit dog rescue and always welcome new, short and/or long term doggie foster families. We greatly appreciate the help and time of our fosters. You provide all the love, comfort and safety of a home and we supply you with everything else you may need, dog food, dog bed, toys, medical attention (if needed) etc. If you are interested please complete the Foster Application.

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