Calling all Fosters

Calling all fosters!!!

Fosters are single handedly one of the most important components of Dog Rescue and contribute to successful adoption transitions. Foster homes for our dogs create an environment that allows the dogs to decompress after  stressful stays at shelters, abusive homes, and long stints in boarding.

To become a foster for Doggie Bonez is rather simple, fill out an application or contact form and we can find a match for you.

Q: How long is the commitment?

A: This is really up to you. We love our pups to get out of boarding, whether it be one day, weeks or months. Any time spent outside of boarding is helpful for these guys. We even do sleepovers.

2.Q: What is my financial responsibility?

A: We take care of food, a bed, vet care and even sometimes provide a stipend. We are a Non-Profit organization so any donation made toward the care of the dog can be tax deductible

3. Q: What if it is a wrong match?

A. No Problem. We try to make a match based on your needs as well as the dogs needs, but if for some reason it isn’t a fit, we will of course take the dog back or try another one.

4.Q What are my duties?

A. Our hope is that the dog becomes integrated into you lifestyle, family, activities. Everything you would do with your own dog, you do with a foster dog. We always hope for a “foster failure”.

5.Q What if I go on vacation?

A: No problem, we can provide boarding during this time.

Fostering a dog is rewarding and allows you to get your feet wet if you are thinking about adopting a dog.

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nicole chase

Hi Samantha, I met you last summer when i was looking to adopt. Since then I have rescued the most AMAZING blue nose pitt. She loves puppies and little dogs. I think she would be an amazing mentor. I just filled out a foster application. I am now off for the summer since I’m a teacher so i thought would be a great time to try and foster if you have a good match. i can come visit with my dog. Let me know if you’re interested.