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Banjo is an amazing dog found and rescued by Hope For Paws. He is only a year old, is up to date on all of his shots and has been neutered.  He has a gorgeous white coat with black markings and a black nose.  His eyes are like little angels and he has a sweet soul. He is a mix of Staffordshire Terrier and maybe Hound. He weighs 55 pounds and has a long body with shorter legs.

This guy is a love bug.  He has the sweetest temperament, super affectionate and loves to please. He forms bonds easily with people and adores the trainer,  He loves to get belly rubs.

He has been in training for the last several weeks and knows all of his commands.  He is smart and obedient. He will work for love more than food.  He loves people. He will go on a walk but does not need to go too far, as he has had a previous injury. When Hope for Paws found him, he had an injury on his paw from an unknown source.  He has been fully checked out by the vet stitched up and is healing nicely.  The pad on his paw is still a bit sensitive so he walks with a bit of a limp for now.  The vet feels that he will have a full recovery.

Though he is dog-friendly, he is a little scared of larger dogs and it takes him a minute to trust.  He can get a little possessive over toys.  He has been living with a foster family and they say that he is a dream with children and adults alike.  He perfectly behaves in the house. He has been to the beach and loves to run, play in the water and chase the ball and birds.  He is warm, he is sweet and he is a character.

We absolutely adore this guy. He will be an amazing family member to any family.

Contact us at Doggie Bonez to find out more about Banjo.

email: doggiebonezinc@gmail.com or westcoastpack@sbcglobal.net

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To adopt any of the dogs on these pages, or other incredible dogs like them, contact Jackie, at 714-381-4344

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