Introducing Trixie Star. This beautiful 7-year-old, white and fawn colored Terrier Mix is a 55-pound lap dog. She is aesthetically beautiful and statuesque. She even has been told she has great posture as she walks like a dainty lady. She can also be a tomboy as she loves to play ball, loves other dogs, loves to chase rabbits and squirrels and loves to fetch. She knows and follows all of her basic commands, and has been living with her rescue family since she was a puppy. She adores children, small children, and adults alike. She is great with dogs and cats.

Want a friend for life? start playing ball with Trixie. She is so focused on the ball that she will ignore all of the other 20 dogs around her. She can catch a ball high in the air and is incredible agile and athletic. She would love to play frisbee as well.

Though she is on a special grain free diet due to her sensitive tummy (ok I will say it, she gets gassy), Trixie also loves her food. One time, she saw some pizza up on the kitchen counter, made her way onto the counter while mom had left the room and managed to nibble up half of it. Luckily, no problems digesting it.. lamb is the only culprit that causes her tummy to get a bit of flatulence.

Trixie Star loves to cuddle and sleeps on the bed with the family. However, she listens to commands, and if a piece of furniture is off limits, she will obey orders and stay off. Her favorite resting position, though is on the lap of her siblings or parents. This gal has no idea that her size does not constitute as a lap dog.
She is sweet, energetic, playful, obedient, controlled, focused and has made an incredible family dog for 7 years.
If she could she would go to the park every day or have a backyard to run around in. Although she has only lived in town homes, she is used to being inside as well and does not have separation anxiety. her mom says, that she can even go without a leash sometimes, and will stay by her side. She loves to meet new dogs and lights up when she goes to the dog park.
This gal can easily fit into any home, any person and will make a great pet for an active family or individual.

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