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Our experience with doggiebonez was amazing! After a year of trying to rescue a female/ puppy from several rescues we saw little Caramell on the site and called. Jackie made the experience perfection! She answered on the first ring, gave me all the details of the pup and arranged for us to meet her with the foster family the next day. Jackie and foster family were there when we met her and we fell in love with her instantly.

What we loved was zero pressure to adopt or to donate. It was odd not to have a $$ in mind but Jackie said whatever you can donate would be fine. She sent us home with a doggie bed, pen, food, harness and leash. We were set! She let us know where to take Puppy for her next round of shots and spay in Costa Mesa and it was a breeze when we took her in!!

Thank you Jackie we will be sure to donate as soon as we can and will keep you posted on Scouts Growth!

A dog is a dog ! no matter what color , breed , size , if it is lame or blind. A dog is a dog. An animal that will be at your side to its end and give you as much love in return without asking anything in return and our Bea was and is no exception! She was delivered to us by a good friend of Jacqueline's , Cindy who drove her all the way from Capistrano CA to Seattle WA where we picked her up and took her home and she is happy now.

About Doggie Bones from our prespective - One of the best and most trusting Dog rescues we have encountered with the best cared and treated dogs I have read about.
Why? because, where all the other rescues we went to and encountered we were turned down due to our 4 year old son being too young to be around a dog.
But Doggie Bones provided us with the options of the best dogs they had in their care and that are absolutely fine with children. Eventually with all the best we chose Bea because of a blessed heart an good nature, and we picked a diamond out of diamonds! Thank you Doggie Bones, thank you for the great work you do and being the BEST!

The Ferro Family Aldergrove BC

Rocky is a bit of an older gent but we knew from the moment my 11 year old son who is very afraid of dogs warmed up to this amazing soul almost instantly. After a quick walk it was pretty obvious he was our new pal and needed to come home with us. This dog loves the car and can be walked without a leash. Super mellow and loves to go everywhere. A very strong dog but knows to be gentle with the humans. We love this dog. Only been with us for a couple of weeks and we already feel so lucky to have him. Jackie knows how to pick them!

Neo is the best dog ever from the best rescue

We found doggie bonez online knowing NOTHING about the organization. We contacted them and spoke to Jackie about adopting a rescue we found on their site.
She was SO HELPFUL and intuitive. We set an appointment for the following day. Jackie was already waiting for us with a sweet puppy. When she told us the story on this sweet puppy we couldn't help but ask about the sister that came in as well. When she brought her out, we KNEW. There was no way we could leave without BOTH of them.
The coolest part about this organization is, there is no PRESSURE. And they are SO thorough and helpful in figuring out which rescue pet would fit best.
Although they DO NOT require payment OR donation in order to adopt, we made a donation for as much as we could afford to give them. And not because they stressed it or asked. Because we just LOVED their love to serve the rescue community and be the BEST around!!

Thank you Doggie Bonez!!! We love our new babies and can't wait to bring them back for a visit!

I got to see first hand the work of Doggie Bonez as a volunteer at the Doggie Bonez booth at the America's Family Pet Expo this year. Doggie Bonez is a truly unique non-profit rescue organization. I had the pleasure in meeting Jacqueline, Debbie, and Samantha. These three ladies are the heart of this rescue, they go above and beyond to give the best chance to each and every rescue. Several doggies have received a second chance at life because of Doggie Bonez. Many more lives will be continued to be saved because of the dedication and commitment that Jacqueline, Debbie, Samantha, and all of the volunteers bring to the table.

Save a life and adopt not shop! If you are looking for a furrever best friend to add to your family, don't hesitate to contact Doggie Bonez, they will help match you with one of their rescues!

I'll leave you with this: "ADOPT, if you can't adopt, FOSTER, if you can't foster, SPONSOR; if you can't sponsor, DONATE, if you can't donate, VOLUNTEER, if you can't volunteer, EDUCATE, NETWORK and CROSS-POST". - UnKnown 🙂

There are many ways that we can contribute to and support rescues. You have the ability to support your local no-kill shelters and rescues. Be part of the solution.

Thank you for saving lives Doggie Bonez!

Leave your feedback here: Adopting a dog through Doggie Bonez Rescue was a great experience. Jackie was professional, considerate and so nice. Marty is part of our family now. Jackie kept in touch, offered options for dog training and the process was streamline.. Thank you Jacqueline