Meet Sophia:
This sweet fawn colored Chihuahua is 7 months old. Sophia’s family had to surrender her and thankfully we intercepted her before she ended up at the shelter.
Sophia loves other dogs, cats, and even kids.
Her favorite day would look something like this. She wakes up, nibbles on some kibble..goes for a walk, takes a nap, wakes up nibbles on a treat, goes for a walk, then cuddles before she dozes off to sleep. She wakes up, jumps into the front seat and they take off for the park. She tosses around a toy for a few minutes, then hurries back for dinner. After dinner, she goes for a walk, then settles in on the couch for a belly rub session and a National Geographic program on Chihuahuas. She goes out for her last walk of the night, then tucks into bed with her human falls asleep so she can do it all again the next day.

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