Welcome, Simon.

Age: 3 years old

Color: White with Black and Grey Brindle

Type: American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Let us introduce you to Simon.
Simon is an amazing American Bulldog Staffie Mix. Everyone loves Simon. We do not know too much about his past, as we saved him from a high kill shelter in the Inland Empire. When he arrived, he was dry skin and bones, and it had seemed he had not been out in the world in a long time. Now that he has been with us, he has put on weight, loves to go for walks, loves people and we even walk him with some of the other Doggie Bonez Crew Dogs.
He walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs, but we always ask for a slow introduction if you have another dog at home. He loves to run, loves to play, he even loves to step into the kiddie pool we brought over this summer. Simon is unique in his coloring he is half brindle and half white.
If you want a playful, fun-loving sidekick Simon is your man.
When he is in the kennel he is very chill, does not show any anxiety and is a great dog.

Just the other day, we took Simon to the Dog Park near our boarding facility, we caught some of this on our Love Adoption Facebook page. He loved to run around. There were some other dogs, on the small dog side, that he ignored. We have temp tested him with other dogs, but he is alpha and needs a very slow introduction. He is such a playful dog. He loves to walk right next to you and make sure you are in his vicinity at all times.
Simon loves to go on walks and is a curious, adventurous dog. He is also affectionate, loving and smart. He knows basic commands such as sit and down.
We took Simon to play in a small fountain and he enjoyed the water. He is also a curious and happy dog. He will check in with you during the walk to make sure you are still by his side. He easily connects with people. He has a lot of energy but after 10 minutes of being out of the kennel, he is easy to walk on the lead. He can for an hour walk easily.
Simon is a chill bug.

He is neutered and up to date on all of his shot
He would be great with older children. He likes to take walks, chill on the couch or in the yard.
He loves to be around people and is happiest when he can be in a home with others. He greets everyone he meets.

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