I Found My Forever Home!

Age: Young Adult (1 to 3 years)
Sex: Male
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer Mix
Health: Healthy, altered, vaccinated
House Trained: Yes
Good With: Older Children
Better Without: Younger Children

Hello everyone!        Meet Sebastian who is a short haired pit bull, possibly terrier mix with light hazel eyes and a cute brown nose! He is suited to fit a home with one person  or many people. He was born in Los Angeles, is about 18 to 21 months old, 45 lbs, and is in great condition!  Sebastian is not trained for the basic commands such as, sit, stay and heal but would like to learn!  He’s a very gentle puppy who loves to walk on leash and be held in your arms!  Car rides are a bonus to a near by park or local beach! Sebastian is very, very excited when he sees other dogs and gets quit squirrelly, but he won’t bark or growl.  Matter of fact since Iv’e known him, I’ve only heard him bark twice and it was very shallow.  It’s  unknown if he likes kitty cats.        Since living the good life at Vinjon’s boarding, for once in his life gets to take a dog walk, eat every day and is ensured of his safety when he sleeps in their secured facility.  Compared to his past, he has no where to go but to a better home. If you’re looking for a happy puppy please come by and see him today!      P .S. I recently had Sebastian vaccinated for all three shots, and is neutered! Sebastian would love to be loved by someone like you and when adopted, I have a large dog house to go with him if needed! Sebastian loves his doggy den!

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