Kingston, a skinny, black pitbull mix,  had been abandoned and left in a dog boarding facility for over a year, when Samantha first layed eyes on him.  He was deemed too hyper to adopt  and had no hope.  She took him for a walk and saw a spark in his eyes.  She returned every day, but did not know the first thing about how to find a home for him.  She had called other shelters and rescue groups, but no one would give him a chance.   Then one day, she came across Jackie’s flyer for a dog named Sedona.  She contacted Jackie, told her the story..    Within one week, after meeting Kingston, Jackie had found him his forever home.  The elated feeling of “Adoption Success” was undeniable for Samantha. To see the transformation of a dog going from the shelter to a loving home was so heart warming, from that day forward she knew Dog Rescue was for her.

Samantha wears a few hats.  You can find Sam walking the dogs, fostering her baby Marty and creating content for the website and social media.

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