Rossi is a male Staffie / Retriever or possible hound Mix, who is just over 1 year old. He has a caramel and white coat, pink nose and green eyes. He up to date on all of his shots, neutered and house broken. He has been crate trained and loves his crate. He weighs 68 pounds.
Rossi was rescued from Riverside Animal Shelter when he was just 6 months old. He is incredibly intelligent and a fast learner. He knows his basic commands: sit, stay, leave it, and down.
He lives with a kitty cat, a large dog, and a small dog. He does well and is quite gentle with the small dog and cat, but is having some difficulty with his bigger brother and other large dogs.

Some Fun Facts About Rossi:
He is a big love bug. When you pet him he will give you lots of kisses and is very affectionate. He absolutely loves to be your co-pilot on car rides!
Rossi also loves to play fetch and is quite good at it. Rossi enjoys eating ice cubes and considers this as a total treat. He loves to go on walks and makes a cute snorting sound as he sniffs all of the flowers and shrubs. Rossi has a favorite pet rock. Yes, Rock… He will avoid all other rocks and always return to his 2 inch round rock. Rossi can also be found on the patio, sunbathing. He relaxes by allowing his legs to splay out behind him.
He will do great in a home with smaller dogs or cats. He will need to be trained to get along with other large dogs. He has been shown to get along with dogs his size but will need additional training.
He is ready to find that perfect fit and next big adventure.

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