Noelle A Senior Dog

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Meet Noelle:

Noelle is a senior dog, the vet estimates her age to be 9 or 10 years old. This little one thankfully was rescued from a very bad situation.  She was found running on the Garden Grove Freeway (SR-22). She ran from Long Beach to Westminster, which if you are familiar with Orange County, California,  this is approximately 14 miles (more than a half marathon). The rescuers were able to finally coax her into their car. She was scared, dirty, hungry, dehydrated and shaking.  Her poor little heart was beating a mile a minute.

They took her straight to the Vet, where she was thoroughly examined.  She had been spayed, but needed to be caught up on all of her vaccinations and rehydrated.  She has been staying in their boarding facility and is very anxious being cooped up in the kennel all day long.  This is no way to live out your golden years.

Noelle has proven to be a dog of resilience and strength.  Despite the adverse conditions in which she was found, she is incredibly loving, trusting, affectionate, obedient and sweet.  She is very friendly towards people once she gets to know you.  She loves to cuddle and receive belly rubs.  We don’t know how long she was surviving by herself, so she takes a moment to warm up.

She is very scared of other dogs.  We recommend Noelle being the only dog in the house.  The exception would be an experienced owner who is patient and knows how to introduce dogs. We can cross that bridge if need be.

The Run Down: Noelle is a Staffie/ American Bulldog mix.  She is white with a few black spots with one covering her left eye. She has gorgeous hazel eyes, a black nose and pink belly. She is missing a few teeth but that doesn’t stop her from eating all types of kibble, treats and soft food.  She is a medium build, has short hair and is up to date on all of her shots and spayed.

We have fallen in love with this senior dog. Please contact us: for more information.

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To adopt any of the dogs on these pages, or other incredible dogs like them, contact Jackie, at 714-381-4344

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