Well, this is one for the books.  One of our own Doggie Bonez Dolls was returning from a quick trip to drop off supplies to one of our foster families. Debbie decided to swing by the San Bernardino Shelter on her way back home.  As she was going through the kennels, she saw Nikki, she knew she had to do something.

She called Jacqueline, who quickly stepped up and committed to rescuing her as she was “rescue only”.  She was sick, with mucous coming out of her eyes and nose.  Within 30 minutes, Debbie had her at the vet and Dr. Hanna gave her a thorough examination.

She was provided fluids, nourishment, antibiotics and alot of love.

She is a 3 year old Blue Nose Staffie.  She has had previous litters.  She will be spayed and caught up on all of her vaccinations.  She will be staying at the vet for a few days and then we hope off to a foster.  We can not have this girl sit in boading.

She is sweet, rides in the car well, and is just a love. More description to come.


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