Let us tell you a little about Mia. Mia was part of a larger backyard breeder situation where she was found with 8 other dogs in deplorable conditions. She along with her other brothers and sisters were found with cuts on their faces and had never felt love.
We brought her to the vet and had her spayed and current on all of her shots. The vet estimates her to be approximately just over a 1-year-old.
Mia is shy at first, as she had not been in contact with a lot of humans. Once she warms up to you in a few moments she is loving, playful and will take in all of the affection that she can. She is dog-friendly, people friendly and kid friendly.
Mia is weighing in at 12 pounds. Mia was found with Dora who is also on our site. We are just happy that we have these two with us.
We believe she is a terrier mix and is full grown.

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