Meet Max!
Max comes to us from the overcrowded West Valley Shelter. Earlier in December, the Central California Coast was ravaged by fires. People lost their homes and so did their pets. Max had been at the shelter for the last couple of months when a slew of dogs from the fires came into the shelters. We rescued Max from the shelter and now have him boarded in a South Orange County Boarding facility.
Max is a 7-year-old Anatolian Shepherd. He is super sweet, affectionate and very smart. He even enjoyed playtime with our volunteers on the obstacle course. He is tall in stature, strong yet loves to be cuddled and receive lots of love.
It seems as though he had been neglected for quite some time due to his skinny frame and quite unkempt coat.
We have made sure he is fully vetted, given a bath and fed some nourishing food.
He loves people, did great in the car and responds to simple commands. He is engaging and sweet.
This guy could stand to gain about 10-15 pounds but is healthy and up to date on all of his vaccinations.

We would love to find a foster family and of course a forever home for this sweet gentle dog.

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