Mama Toonie was found running the streets of Los Angeles with Sully a German Shepherd and the baby daddy to her 9 pups. Mama just had the litter in early April. Luckily they were picked up and brought to our rescue, where Mama is in a foster home now while she is nursing her babies.
While running on the streets, the kids thought it would be fun to shoot BeeBee pellets at them. She was fully pregnant and can you imagine, the fear and pain this must have caused. People can be mean.
In any event: Mama is amazing. She took to nursing and caring for her little dolls immediately. She looks after her litter and you can find her either lounging poolside resting in between feedings or making sure the babies are safe and sound.
She gets along with other dogs. She is great with her foster dad Albert. She loves to go on walks and is great on a leash.
If you are interested in meeting her, let us know. She will be with her pups for at least 6 more weeks, but you can meet her or one of the pups.

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