Meet Hopper.
This sweet boy is a Red Nose Staffordshire Terrier with hazel eyes and cropped ears, who was brought down to Southern California with his mate Joyce. Hopper is a young boy approximately 18 months old. He is a playful little dude who loves to run around in the backyard, playing with his friends. He and Joyce can play hard, but never aggressive. He is strong, but still on the medium size under 60 pounds. He is still underweight and can stand to gain another 10 pounds.
Hopper is incredibly smart so his foster dad says. He is curious and likes to explore his surroundings.

Hopper likes to go for walks, he has had dogs bark at him sometimes but he just whimpers like he wants to play. He lived with 4 other dogs but that was a bit much. He does play with other dogs but can be strong and rough.
Hopper is smart, affectionate and loyal. He has lived with children and would do better with teenagers or older. Hopper is a gorgeous boy who also loves to cuddle and cozy up on the couch after a long day. Please contact for more information on this boy. We are looking for his forever home or even another long term foster.

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