Age: 5 years old
Sex: Female
Weight: 60+ pounds
Color: Blue Nose with White down her chest and paws.
Faith is a beautiful Blue Nose, German Shepherd, Bull Terrier Mix. She has a long body and a rather thick tail. Her snout is a bit longer and leaner than that of a Terrier. She has large, floppy ears that resemble more of a German Shepherd.
This gal is a love. She loves the water, loves to go on long walks, and loves to be outside. She will come right up to you for a hug, a rub, and a kiss. She can walk for miles as she is quite muscular and strong. She is smart as well and knows simple commands. She can walk well on a lead but needs a bit of direction.
Her foster family took very good care of her and took her to lunch, where she would just chill underneath the table. She rides perfectly in the car.
She will do well with a family or individual that is active. She loves children and adults alike. She is guarded with other dogs and we like to keep her as the only 4 legged furry pet in the house.
Faith has had a rough go, she was euth listed at the shelter and luckily we rescued her to safety. She still could stand to gain some weight, and decompress from moving around so much. We all love this girl. She is silly, she loves to play and one funny quirk is she likes to step into her water dish while she drinks water. Come on down and meet Faith.

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