Doggie Bonez was notified about a backyard breeder and hoarding situation located in the Inland Empire. When our colleagues arrived, they found 8 small fur babies living in terrible conditions.
Excerpt from Tai:
When I arrived at the house to pick them up, the 8 dogs were barking at me and running around me in circles. The poor dogs have never been socialized, touched, nor held. Most of them didn’t have names. But Dora was the only one that came up to me immediately and asked for affection. She stood next to me the whole time.
Looking at me with infected eyes and cuts and injuries all over her body. I felt like she was asking me for help. It was so hard leaving her behind when I took two of her daughters. Luckily when I told Jackie about her and showed her the pictures of Dora, Jackie said we need to get her out immediately and get her some medical attention. We jumped into action and drove her to the nearest vet, where she is safe now getting some medical attention.

Meet Dora, she is one of the 8 survivors. She is an interesting mix of Corgi and Dachshund. She is a fawn and chestnut colored, small in stature but large in personality. She is a sweet soul, smart, and despite her past living conditions is a true survivor.

She was brought to the vet due to lacerations and wounds on her face. She is being treated and we all have fallen in love with her, as we did with the 7 others.

Dora immediately bonded with one of our volunteers and followed her around as if asking for help.
She is 5 years old, loves all other dogs and people. She is shy at first, but friendly and curious.
She smiles when she looks at you. She enjoys exploring (hence Dora the Explorer), she likes to have you pet her and hold her.
She would blend in with any family or individual.

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