Our Beautiful Daisy Girl. Small and compact, but a personality to light up any room. Daisy is a survivor, she lived in difficult living situations from an early age. Luckily we found her and rescued her from the shelter. Even though her first few years were not ideal, she can adapt to any situation. Mostly though, she loves to be around people. She loves to go on walks and take life at her pace. We take her on hikes, out to see the horses and even check out Dana Point Harbor to see the boats. She has to go slow with new people, as she was not treated nicely in her former life. Once she gets to know you, she is as loyal as they come.

A friend of Doggie Bonez is fostering her. She lives with four other dogs. She is thriving in this environment She goes on walks with some of the other dogs. She hangs out by the pool and is receiving some training. She has blossomed in these last few months.

We all knew how great she can be, but it is really nice to see her bloom with other dogs and a male foster dad whom she adores.
Daisy is a playful dog who gets along with children and adults alike. She needs a firm owner to create a safe space. She does well with boundaries and in this past 6 months has become the dog we all knew she could be. You can find Daisy on Social Media on our Instagram Feed or @allaboutpaws1

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