Hello My name is Cash
You can catch me, training for ultra-endurance events. I love Starbuck’s puppacinnos, and just recently started a YouTube channel reviewing the latest dog treats.

Let’s just get my looks out of the way first, yes I look like a cartoon version of a meerkat, but I am really a Dobie/Lab mix.

I was just rescued from the Inland Valley Shelter with my sister from another mother named Chyna. 

I am 9 months and weigh 32 pounds.  I have a more slender body and longer legs.  My coat is short, I don’t shed much and just to get the stats out of the way, I am neutered and up to date on all of my shots. 

I love to play in the grass, toss around my toys and also hang out with my human friends. I love meeting new people and dogs alike. 

I would do great with an active family or individual.
I have been known to hang out just chewing on my bone. I actually like to hide it, in unusual places so that no one will find it. Sometimes I put it under a chair or pillow and other times, I will bury it in my blankets.

Cruising in a car I find fun and exhilarating. My crew who come to visit me daily sometimes will take me down to the park, or Starbuck’s. I just love riding shotgun.
Anyways, can’t wait to meet you all.

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