Meet Camryn. She is a Fawn colored Staffordshire Terrier- Cattle Dog Mix.
When she first arrived at Doggie Bonez, she was very skittish, she would roll over in a subordinate position and not want to leave your side. She was afraid of loud car noises or any fast movements.
As time has progressed, she has been out and exposed to new things every day. She has blossomed into the most amazing dog. She is smart, curious, loves to explore, loves to go on walks and still loves to cuddle and get belly rubs.
She is beautiful and petite weighing in at 37 pounds, fawn and white colored with a short coat. She is approximately 2 years old but presents more puppy like. She is full of energy and wants to please her human. She will constantly look back on her walks to make sure you are still there, as she instinctively herds.
Camryn would do well with an active person or family. She is better with larger dogs (no cats, chickens or small dogs). If there is another dog in the household, she will need a slow introduction.
We love this girl, she has come a long way, but really needs to be in a home with a calm energy where she can spread her wings. She is the most loving little creature.

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