Meet Pudge and Sarge

These boys are brothers from the same litter. They are 10 years old and have been together since birth.  Their human dad just passed away and they are now looking for a forever home.  All of their medical, food and toys will be supplemented to help them find their forever home.

Let us tell you a little bit about them.

Pudge: He loves his tennis ball. He does get a little territorial over it, but otherwise is a sweet boy, who loves other dogs and people alike.  He does have a scar with some missing fur along his flank, this was from getting caught in the fence when he was smaller. There are no issues now, just a scar/.

Sarge loves to play ball too, but has arthritis and does not have the stamina he once had.  He just had dental work done.  He is on thyroid medication and pain medication for his knees.

Both dogs love to be petted and be around people.  Their dad loved them unconditionally and were his whole life.  They spent all of their time together. they do well with the kiddos and adults alike. They also do well with other dogs.  They would do well in a family where they can be walked and play.  They are loving and would do best together as a bonded pair.  We hope they can stay together.

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