Welcome Bradford

Bradford is a sweet Bull Nose Terrier Mix who has come to Doggie Bonez from a high kill shelter on the euthanization list.  He is an absolute doll. He was adopted out to a family from the Devore Shelter and returned 4 weeks later without any explanation. He did not look cared for and came back malnourished, dirty and starving for attention.

He has a sweet disposition, he is playful, full of energy and a curious boy.  He gets along with other dogs as far as we have seen. We have not exposed him to cats or small children.

He weighs 42 pounds, he has a black brindle short furred coat with white striping.  He is mostly Bull Nose Terrier with possible lab mix.

He does seem a bit skittish when there are loud car noises coming from a busy street.   He is also very thin and loves to eat lots of treats. He does not walk too far on the leash yet, it seems as though he has been neglected so everything is new to him.

He has been in and out of the shelter for a long time and is doing well as he is decompressing with us in boarding. He receives daily walks and lots of love but really needs a home to call his own.

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