Meet BlackJack:
Originally dumped by his owner in Ventura County, this 18 month old boy has been tossed around from foster family to foster family until our friends from Global Transport found him. The owner gave many excuses but the bottom line is they just did not know how to handle a large dog.
BlackJack is an affectionate, playful and outgoing pup who just wants to please. He is still intact, housebroken and behaves very well in a home.
He has lived with kids that were 12 and 9 years old. He is very respectful, obedient and even takes treats nicely.
He loves to play in the yard.
BlackJack is a Boerbel, also known as a South African Mastiff. This breed is known for their fierce loyalty, and need to please his owner. He has beautiful black coat is short in length. He is a big boy weighing over 100 pounds. Please contact us at for more information or to fill out an application. We have transport available for him as well.

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