Billy Joel And Elton John

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Meet these two sweet pups rescued by our friends from Hope for Paws.

Billy Joel is a Golden Retriever and Spaniel Mix.  He is weighing in at 28 pounds and can definitely stand to gain some weight. Billy is a happy and sweet dog and despite being abandoned, tired, cold, hungry and scared, he is resilient. He is looking forward to his new adventure.  Billy Joel has a tender heart and a sweet soul.  He is shy for the first 10 seconds but then warms up and is playful, smart, affectionate, athletic and most of all just a good natured dog.  He looks like a mini Golden Retriever. is a Wheaton Terrier Mix. He is smaller weighing 24 pounds.  He is sweet, cautious and so loving.

Elton John is a Wheaton Terrier Mix. He is smaller weighing 24 pounds.  He is sweet, cautious and so loving.  He has been adopted already to a loving family.  He had a great sense about him, loving, trusting and will make the best pet for his new family as will Billy.

These pups are amazing. More of their story to come.  They have been fully checked out by the vet, altered and caught up to date on all of their vaccinations.



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To adopt any of the dogs on these pages, or other incredible dogs like them, contact Jackie, at 714-381-4344

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