Name: Abby (short for Abigail)
Breed: Pitbull mix
Age: 3.5 years
Sex: F
Size: 58 lbs
Color: Chocolate brown and white

Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Dog Social: She needs more training to feel secure
Cat Social: Needs further assessment
Good with children: Yes

After getting off to a rough start in life, having been used for breeding, ending up abandoned and brought to a high-kill shelter, Abby was rescued hours before being euthanized. She had been sitting in the isolation kennel having been diagnosed with and upper respiratory tract infection. After escaping the shelter life, she visited the vet and received the proper care with extra TLC, and is 100% better. She absolutely loves being around people, touched, and cuddled and feeling love from everyone – she steals everyone’s hearts when she places her head on people’s laps.

It seems that she really craves love/affection that she never had before, and she has a lot of love to give. She is housetrained, knows basic commands such as sit, shake and lay down.  She does extremely well in cars as she is ca

She loves to go on walks and does very well on a leash. She has shown to be very smart, obedient, and listens very well to commands.

She can be nervous at first when dogs are in the vicinity, and would need some training to make her feel more secure in these situations; she does just fine when going on walks. Alternatively, she would be absolutely perfect as the only dog in the household! She steals the hearts of anyone who meets her, people at pet stores/vets have asked for her to come back for another visit ☺



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